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LineZen Technical Clothing


A new athletic apparel website is coming soon. This site is www.linezen.com. LineZen is for those that do yoga, bodybuilding, running, biking, crossfit or anyone else that believes in a healthy body and have a positive outlook on life.  The goal is to create high quality "Fitness apparel & accessories that create wellbeing from comfortable material and positive messaging".

Follow them now on twitter. http://twitter.com/Line_Zen

Jamie Eason’s 12 Week Training Program

Jamie Eason 1For those of you ladies that are looking for a workout program BodyBuilding.com has released Jamie Eason’s Live Fit 12 Week Trainer.

Those in the fitness industry know Jamie and what she brings to the table.  This is her lifestyle not just a diet or temporary exercise program for her.  Jamie lives this daily.

Her program brings together exercise, nutrition and supplementation to help you achieve your fitness goals and to live a more active and productive lifestyle.  Jamie went through some adversity before landing on the path that she is on now and she knows what it took to get her on the right path.  Her Bio is located on www.jamieeason.com.  For years she has been inspiring people, male and female, to meet their fitness goals.

Jamie Eason 2I know I targeted ladies in the first line of this blog but her program has workouts and eating plans for both males and females.  Check it out on BodyBuilding.com.

When you start this program remember to follow her on facebook or twitter.  She offers up suggestions and words of encouragement daily through these two sites.

Good luck.

Katie Chung Hua

Katie Chung Hua 2011 Team UniverseRecognize this little lady?  You’d better recognize!  Katie competed this weekend in the 2011 Team Universe IFBB and NPC Fitness, Figure and Bikini contest.  Grabbing second in her class, she earned her IFBB Pro card.  Congrats Chung Hua.  Our little lady from Boise looked great in this show and no disrespect to the first place competitor I was surprised she didn’t finish number one.

Not only is Katie a stunning lady but she can also kick your ass with a background playing hockey.  After she quit playing hockey competitively she she turned o weight lifting to stay in shape.  You can see more of Katie on her website or become a fan of hers on facebook.

Nice job again and congratulations.

Don’t (Fill in Blank) and Drive

Here is a list of a few items that annoy the hell out of me that I see other drivers doing instead of driving.

  • Don’t Drink and Drive
    • Alcohol
  • Don’t Smoke and Drive
    • Makes you and your car smell like bunghole
    • Throwing butts out your window is littering
    • Roll your window up so I can put mine down
  • Don’t Eat and Drive
    • Anything more than maybe a small bag of chips or snack bar
  • Don’t Smoke, Eat and Drive
    • How many hands do you think you have?
  • Don’t Put on makeup and Drive
    • For hell’s sake, put that shit on at home and watch where you’re going.
  • Don’t Text and Drive
    • More accidents are caused by texting and driving than drinking and driving now.  Need I say more?
  • Don’t Read and Drive
    • Really you need to read while you’re driving.  Ever heard of books on tape jackass?
  • Don’t Work and Drive
    • This follows the same line as reading since they are reading and writing.  Pull over for a minute and get your shit together first.  Hell, make a phone call but don’t do paper work.
  • Don’t Sleep and Drive
    • Self explanatory

I’ve driven down the road and seen all of these.  The worst is when you see someone doing a combination of these at the same time.  Most of the time they are swerving or driving 10 mph under the speed limit.  This morning I saw a lady putting on eye makeup using both of her hands.  Knee driving and not watching where you are going, nice work lady.

Anything that I missed kids?

2011 Boise BFE Bodybuilding.com Fitness Expo

This is the first time that I’ve attended the Boise BFE.  It’s a pretty crazy event, I couldn’t believe the line to get into this thing.  This event gives you the chance to receive some free supplements from the leading vendors and to meet some of the best athletes in the fitness industry.  We got a few shots with some of the ladies.

Katie Chung Hua is one of my favorite fitness models in the industry.  I asked her if she took photos with old married guys.  She said “Of course, those are the best kind”.  I’m sure she meant it and just wasn’t saying that to be nice Smile

Katie Chung Hua

Jennifer Rankin, this years Bodybuilding.com Spokesmodel winner.

Jennifer Rankin

And my buddy Shane’s favorite fitness model in the industry Amanda Latona

Amanda Latona

Housing – Forclose, Shortsale or Keep Paying?


Many of us are in the same situation.  Since the un-boom of the the boom we are upside down in our home value.  Many people are choosing to just walk away figuring the hit they’ll take on their credit is less costly than paying the entire value of the loan.

I’ve looked into four ways to approach this situation with the assumption, which is the case I’m in, that you are still employed and can still afford to make the payment.

Keep making the payments  This is most likely what I’m going to be doing.  I was just always raised that if you got yourself into the bill, you pay it if you are able.  This is getting to be a harder and harder decision to stick to right now after watching what other people are doing.  Foreclosures and Short Sales in most neighborhoods have and continue to drive prices down.  They have also made banks tighten their strings on lending. 

The bank I go through, Sun Trust Mortgage wouldn’t even refinance me.  So the bank will risk me sending them jingle mail, keys to the house in the payment envelope, over changing my interest rate.  No plans available for you right now.  WTF  This is a really strong argument for just walking away.  I could rent a house the same size or larger right now for a couple hundred less in a neighborhood that is still close to where I live now.

Loan Modification  Downside to Loan Modification is that most banks aren’t willing to do this unless maybe you get attorneys involved and you haven’t made all of your payments.  Again the behavior solicited here is to quit making payments.  If you are a good risk we’ll treat you like shit.  mmmmmmm.  My bank, Sun Trust Mortgage wouldn’t work with me on this.  For you to do this you actually have to stop paying your house payment for at least 60 days before you can even be considered for a loan modification.

Strategic Default  Voluntary Foreclosure.  This is when you stop making the payments even though you can still afford to make them.  You figure that the money they save on doing this is more than going to offset the credit hit they are going to take.  Makes sense right.  Default on the home.  Live in it rent free for 8 months to 3 years while the home goes through foreclosure and then rent a home for equal value for less until you are able to buy again.

Shortsale or Forclosure  Well we’ve all heard enough about these so you get the gist.

So, I’m an honest hard working guy that will continue to pays my bills as long as I’m employed so F*(# me.

How to Rotate Facebook Picture / Photo

OK, I’ve seen many of my friends, and I’m not sure if they’ll call me that anymore after this, that are a little confused about rotating one (or more this process will work more than once) of their photos in facebook.

Rotate Facebook Pic 2 First, go to your albums and select the photo that you want to rotate.  If you click on your photo and you get this view, use the arrows that I circled in red in the lower right hand corner of the black section .  The arrows indicate which direction the photo will rotate if you click on it.  If it rotates in the wrong direction, click the other one twice.


Rotate Facebook PicIf you get this view, hitting F5  will give you this view (F5 is the button at the top of your keyboard that has “F5” on it), use the buttons that I circled in red.  The arrows indicate which direction the photo will rotate if you click on it.  If it rotates in the wrong direction, click the other one twice.