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BCS is just plain BS

Really?  The BCS is the best we can do?  I found this line on the homepage of bcsfootball.org, “Thanks to the BCS, the top two teams have played each other 12 times in 12 years by BCS measurements”.  I posted this on my facebook wall with my own subtitle of “No Shit Ray”.  Kind of a self fulfilled prophecy isn’t it?

The only thing the BCS is good for is ensuring the same big schools get their hands on the money.  I’m not going to argue the Tostitos Fiesta bowl or the BCS National Championship games this year, but the other 3 big games are a joke.

Here is a list of the teams in the other big 3 games that really shouldn’t be there.

  • Michigan #13
  • Virginia Tech #11
  • Clemson # 15
  • West Virginia # 23 are you shittin me?  #23
  • Wisconsin #10 

BCS Football System SucksWell Wisconsin maybe, they’re in the top ten so they kind of deserve to be there.  However, they are in there over Arkansas #6, Boise State #7, Kansas State #8 and South Carolina #9. 

So the BCS “TRIES” to guarantee that the best 2 teams play in the Championship game and that the rest of them are filled up by what?  What goes into the decision for these other teams?  Who’s bribing who?  How in the hell did West Virginia get into one of the top 5 games?

Here’s another good question for you.  Let’s use Boise State as an example since they tend to get screwed by the BCS quite often.  They are sitting at #7 after week 14, Oregon is sitting at #9, and Arkansas ate #8.  All three teams win their games, #6 Houston loses, #5 Virginia Tech loses.  Somehow Boise stays at #7 and is leap frogged by Oregon and Arkansas.  But really who gives a shit because the BCS is rigged and the #23 and #15 team is going to be in the games instead.

bcs_sucks_profile_page_featureNow there are those that think some teams are ranked too high because their schedules are too easy.  Too bad there isn’t a system out there that would weed these teams out on the way to the championship.  (Sarcasm)

Nice system dipshits!  Maybe you should run the NFL so we can have a Super Bowl this year with the Colts and the Rams.

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