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WordPress Image Not Showing Up in Facebook Share Dialog

Facebook_Developer_ToolsIf you are having an issue when you try to share a post on Facebook and the image will not come through try making sure that the image name doesn’t contain any spaces. We had an issue where I work where we had 7 blogs out of our last 8 where the image would not show up as a selection when trying to share. All 7 had spaces in the image name. Once we put and underscore where the space was it worked. So, “my image.jpg” would not work but “my_image.jpg” would. Facebook caches your page scrapes so once you have corrected the image names you will have to refetch a new scrape of the page in Facebook’s developer tools.

Facebook Developer Tools

“The service is unavailable.” WordPress upgrade on Godaddy

All I got was a white screen that said “The service is unavailable” after a WordPress Upgrade Failed message. If you get this error while trying to upgrade WordPress on Godaddy and have access to your files try this.

Go into your wp-content folder and delete or rename the “UPGRADE” folder. I renamed mine and then recycled the app pool and my site came back up.

I tried the WordPress update again and it worked the second time.

Horse Crash at Les Boise Race Track in Boise

My cousin is a jockey and this race was last year at Les Boise Race Track in Boise, ID. Rider is Dirk Crane. To summarize, Dirk is in the green silks and he does win this race. The horse goes down after the race is over. Dirk makes a great dismount and gets clear of the following horses. All but one, the last place horse. Make sure to watch what happens after Dirk gets back to his feet.

Browser Comparisons

BrowsersBeing in IT I have issues with browser compatibility.  My biggest issue, IE.  Chrome is great, Firefox is pretty descent but any version of IE sucks, really sucks.

You have IE6 which is the bane of any web developers existence.  Luckily it has just about run its course and we don’t bother with the details for this browser any longer. 

Most people now have IE8.  However, IE8 has a compatibility mode which is supposed to make older sites look better.  It sucks.  IE9 has compatibility mode which look like it mimics IE8.

These problems could be avoided it IE would just force browser upgrades down the chain and program to the standards like Chrome and Firefox.

My main reason for choosing Chrome over Firefox is speed.  You click the Chrome link and it opens now.  You hit Firefox and you have to wait for a bit.  you hit IE and you should be shot.

Jamie Eason Boost Traffic from Pinterest.com

So I ran a little test to see how much showing the right photo on pinterest.com can boost traffic to your site.  I follow quite a few people that post in the fitness category and found out that a majority of the posts to fitness are of women by women of inspirational photos of women.

Well, I’m not a women, last I checked, but I do know who one of the  most inspirational athletes out there today, Jamie Eason.  I posted one photo of Jamie on my pinterest profile and received 80+ hits to my site that day.  This will be my second test using Jamie as a guiney pig.  Thank you Miss Eason.

Here are a few photos of this lovely, inspirational lady just so your visit here is not in vain.  If you’re looking for a great program to start your new lifestyle of fitness, here’s a link to Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12 week Trainer.  Don’t forget to follow her on facebook.

Jamie FrontJamie Back

Jamie Engaged    Jamie Suit

Jamie fitnessJamie FitnessRx

Tebowing, The End Zone Prayer

All the hype about Tebow’s prayers is kind of cracking me up so I’m adding to it.

People are making a huge deal about him praying on the field, on the sideline and in the end zone.  Players have been doing this for years.  Why is it such a big deal now?  In 2010 “a Washington state high school player was flagged for kneeling and pointing to the heavens after scoring a touchdown”.

tebowingIn 1977 Herb Lusk took a pitch from Ron Jaworski for a 70 yard 4th quarter touchdown.  After crossing the end zone he celebrated, see if this sounds familiar, by dropping to his knee and bowing his head in prayer. IN 1977!!  Since then it has almost become a cliché.  In this video, Anthony Prior has a pretty valid point.  It’s what you do off the field, not what you try to personify on the field.  I do disagree that it has no place in football.  If a man would rather pray than dance or beat on his own chest I’m all for it.

Tebow is one of those players who is either going to be extremely loved, or, hated because he is extremely loved.  I can’t remember a time where a player has come out of college with this much hype.  The first person that made his prayers big news has got to just be laughing their ass off.

luskingPlayers have been kneeling and praying in end zones and players and rappers have been publicly thanking god for their money and their best selling album, “I Get Da Hos”, for years and people have just blown it off.  Plaxico Burress said a prayer right before he shot himself in the foot.  The reason Tebow gets the attention is because he actually lives the lifestyle, well, as far as we know.

I like the kid and I really hope he doesn’t pull a Big Ben in a restroom at some bar later in his career.  That would just totally blow.

One really positive thing has come out of Tebow’s end zone prayers, the term Tebowing Smile

Amanda Laytona

Ok we all know that Amanda Laytona is bad ass but the blue pants pic she posted on her facebook caused me to fall of the computer.  I got a chance to meet her at the 2011 Boise Bodybuilding.com Fitness Expo.  Not only beautiful but funny as hell.

Amanda Laytona Blue Pant Assests  Amanda Laytona Lung Blue Pants

Here’s a few more pix from her first place win the the 2011 Titans Grand Prix, her 4th Pro win.

Amanda Laytona Titans Grand Prix     Amanda Laytona Assets

Amanda Laytona Sword    Amanda Laytona Food Fight

Pic with my buddy Shane at the 2011 Boise Bodybuilding.com Fitness Expo.

Amanda-Latona_With Shane

BCS is just plain BS

Really?  The BCS is the best we can do?  I found this line on the homepage of bcsfootball.org, “Thanks to the BCS, the top two teams have played each other 12 times in 12 years by BCS measurements”.  I posted this on my facebook wall with my own subtitle of “No Shit Ray”.  Kind of a self fulfilled prophecy isn’t it?

The only thing the BCS is good for is ensuring the same big schools get their hands on the money.  I’m not going to argue the Tostitos Fiesta bowl or the BCS National Championship games this year, but the other 3 big games are a joke.

Here is a list of the teams in the other big 3 games that really shouldn’t be there.

  • Michigan #13
  • Virginia Tech #11
  • Clemson # 15
  • West Virginia # 23 are you shittin me?  #23
  • Wisconsin #10 

BCS Football System SucksWell Wisconsin maybe, they’re in the top ten so they kind of deserve to be there.  However, they are in there over Arkansas #6, Boise State #7, Kansas State #8 and South Carolina #9. 

So the BCS “TRIES” to guarantee that the best 2 teams play in the Championship game and that the rest of them are filled up by what?  What goes into the decision for these other teams?  Who’s bribing who?  How in the hell did West Virginia get into one of the top 5 games?

Here’s another good question for you.  Let’s use Boise State as an example since they tend to get screwed by the BCS quite often.  They are sitting at #7 after week 14, Oregon is sitting at #9, and Arkansas ate #8.  All three teams win their games, #6 Houston loses, #5 Virginia Tech loses.  Somehow Boise stays at #7 and is leap frogged by Oregon and Arkansas.  But really who gives a shit because the BCS is rigged and the #23 and #15 team is going to be in the games instead.

bcs_sucks_profile_page_featureNow there are those that think some teams are ranked too high because their schedules are too easy.  Too bad there isn’t a system out there that would weed these teams out on the way to the championship.  (Sarcasm)

Nice system dipshits!  Maybe you should run the NFL so we can have a Super Bowl this year with the Colts and the Rams.