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Tebowing, The End Zone Prayer

All the hype about Tebow’s prayers is kind of cracking me up so I’m adding to it.

People are making a huge deal about him praying on the field, on the sideline and in the end zone.  Players have been doing this for years.  Why is it such a big deal now?  In 2010 “a Washington state high school player was flagged for kneeling and pointing to the heavens after scoring a touchdown”.

tebowingIn 1977 Herb Lusk took a pitch from Ron Jaworski for a 70 yard 4th quarter touchdown.  After crossing the end zone he celebrated, see if this sounds familiar, by dropping to his knee and bowing his head in prayer. IN 1977!!  Since then it has almost become a cliché.  In this video, Anthony Prior has a pretty valid point.  It’s what you do off the field, not what you try to personify on the field.  I do disagree that it has no place in football.  If a man would rather pray than dance or beat on his own chest I’m all for it.

Tebow is one of those players who is either going to be extremely loved, or, hated because he is extremely loved.  I can’t remember a time where a player has come out of college with this much hype.  The first person that made his prayers big news has got to just be laughing their ass off.

luskingPlayers have been kneeling and praying in end zones and players and rappers have been publicly thanking god for their money and their best selling album, “I Get Da Hos”, for years and people have just blown it off.  Plaxico Burress said a prayer right before he shot himself in the foot.  The reason Tebow gets the attention is because he actually lives the lifestyle, well, as far as we know.

I like the kid and I really hope he doesn’t pull a Big Ben in a restroom at some bar later in his career.  That would just totally blow.

One really positive thing has come out of Tebow’s end zone prayers, the term Tebowing Smile

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